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I hope it goes that way but I'm not sure. I feel more nervous about this game than any other this year for some reason.


I think we are missing several key players Morley/Westwood and Hodgeson is a doubt also.


Hopefully Wigan will tire. We did the last two years after Wembley. But if Wigan do not tire and even win on Sunday I think I will have to admit that Wigan just have the edge this year. However, if we win it will make us strong and I can't see us being stopped until Old Trafford at least.


Can't wait for Sunday its going to be a belter.

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Squad has been announced:-


11 Louis Anderson

23 Ryan Atkins

20 Matty Blythe

4 Chris Bridge

6 Lee Briers

10 Garreth Carvell

15 Jon Clarke

18 Mike Cooper

17 Simon Grix

13 Ben Harrison

1 Brett Hodgson

3 Matt King

19 Lee Mitchell

5 Joel Monaghan

9 Michael Monaghan

8 Adrian Morley

7 Richie Myler

2 Chris Riley

16 Paul Wood


Really hope Hodgson plays and he makes a big difference to our attack and glad Grix is back. Morley is also included - is this just mind games???

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