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Patent medecines

Evil Sid

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The third of my posts of oddments found in my late father in laws house.


This is a booklet showing the ingredients of the leading medicines off the day for all sorts of ailments and should not be used for making your own remedies .

NOTE:- I will not take any responsibility for ill effects caused by mixing up a batch of any of the remedies. Or to put it another way DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME you have been warned.

















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Some very strange sounding concoctions on there Evils and thanks for uploading them as it's great reading old stuff like that.


Any idea when it was written and what they were for as some seem obvious but others certainly don't. I wonder if you would drink them or rub them on?


Like you say though probably best not to try them at home or even google incase google is wrong and tells us to drink some which were meant for other purposes all together :unsure::lol:


I suppose we could always ask Obs to try some out and report back in a week (I was going to say Gary.. but thought better of it :huh: )

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One I know did work was the Fennings Powders. Well they seemed to work. We used to get dosed with them when we had a cold or fever as kids.


They used to come in a small folded paper packet (pink I think) and did not taste at all bad (probably the liquorice in them).


As for the date I have no idea as there were items dating from around 1929 to about 1990 in the boxes I have. Most of the earlier dated stuff is from the cunard liners, mostly menus and posting dates. I would guess that it was probably pre war judging from the the wording (or maybe just after). One thing that I can have a google for when I have a spare five minutes ffrom sorting the rest out.


One thing I did come across was a souvenir ticket from the empire state building. Sent them an email to see if they had any records as regards that sort of thing but they don't so it is a trawl of the web to see what I can find out about it.

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