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Sweet/Sour Meatballs


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Watching the football game? These go over quite well as a "horses doover"


Ingredients... 2lb jar grape jelly

12-16oz bottle chili sauce



make your favourite meatball recipe (should be 1" or smaller)...frozen Italian meatballs

work well too. Drain and set aside. Simmer on very low heat (slowcooker is best) the grape

jelly and chili sauce...add meatballs and simmer until meatballs are warm...Use toothpicks

to serve. Stir often while simmering to blend the jelly and chili sauce.

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I was afraid of this... we have jams and we have jellies...jellies are a smooth gel-like form

of jam. Apart from just eating it, they are used in cooking because they dissolve. Wow, it is

not easy trying to explain something you take for granted. Sorry about that.

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Fug you have to understand the scale of these things.


UK. two or three mates round, a couple off six packs and a large bag of crisps,nuts or those triangular dip in thingies and a bottle of dip.sit down and watch the football (soccer in the US) on telly and consume same whilst debating the relative merits of the manager/referee/commentary. wander off down the pub to celebrate/drown your sorrows and argue about why he didn't have a shot at goal when he had the chance and what they should have done to win and that never was a penalty/offside in a million years.


US. half a dozen mates round, burgers on the barby, three or four six packs and an assortment of bottled beers in the cooler, nuts, crisps (chips in the US). sit down and watch the pre-match entertainment, short break to settle in for the game and make sure all have drinks nibbles etc. at half time watch the entertainmenmt and discuss the various merits of the referee/manager/commentary. settle in to watch the second half then out into the fresh air for the burgers and after match discussion which may carry on well into the night.


so a 2lb jar of grape jelly would be regarded as a small amount to use really.8)

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