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Could do with a bit of help here.


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This is reputed to be a cottage in Bewsey Street Warrington with the new workhouse built about 1849 (now the General Hospital on Lovely lane) in the right background, I'm not entirely convinced as there is a church that can be seen over the top of the cottage roof and I'm really not convinced of the cottage being in the area as suggested. Any takers on this one please.



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It could be st barnabas church as that would be in about the right place but there is no tower or spire at st barnabas unless it was knocked down at some time after the picture was taken. There was also a church on bewsey road but the angle would be wrong as it would appear in front of the hospital building.


Also the angle of the street seems wrong to be bewsey street, bewsey road possibly around where the bridge over the railway is or where the small industrial estate is.

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