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Town hall sunday

Evil Sid

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Just wondering what was going on at the town hall or at least by the town hall gates on Sunday( yesterday?). was on my way to visit the father in law in hospital and as i came to the lights near Aldi I noticed that there were three police cars and a fire engine in front of the town hall gates.


There were several police persons about and it looked as though they had taped off the road at the traffic lights where you turn right toward the parr hall.


thought there may have been something on the news pages but so far no.

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My Aunt and Uncle went to town and parked in the carpark near the Debenhams entrance but the whole area was cordoned off... they tried to get in to town/golden square via other entrances and roads as they were meeting friends but they were closed too, they asked the police why but they 'couldnt tell them'.


They spoke to their friends later and they too had been stuck and they were told there had been a phone warning of a bomb at a bank?


Anyway that comes third hand so not exactly sure of the finer details but nothing on the news pages but maybe that's so the person responsible doesn't get any publicity from their stupid act.

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