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Road up again -


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I believe the work at Priestley Street, Milner Street and Guardian Street is work undertaken by UNITED UTILITIES to replace old water pipes.


According to WBC this work should have been completed by 31 March 2011.

According to the UU website, there is nothing as most of the information about warrington piping is a year out of date.


So much for technology and informing people.


No these ignorant project managers at UU and wbc just calmly do what they want, when they want with no consideration for traffic flow or the effect of the congestion they create. The road obstructions in Priestley street are completely over the top as there is no need for traffic lights if the contractors move their road blocks 12 inches or about 30 cm inwards. Instead they just block traffic flow unnecessarily. they cannot even justify the enormous road block on the grounds of staff safety as nobody ever does any work there.


About time the overpaid director of environment at wbc gotr off his backside and inspected the incompetent project management.

There are a couple of tiny signs, the diversion signs are invisible, the pipes are waiting to be stolen from the side of the road....what a mess, but typical of an incompetent careless management.



So cfor the s

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