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Data on Date?


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Seems a couple of Labour Msssssss MPs are calling for a law to help women check up on their new boyfriends. Just wondering how this will work - boy meets girl on night out, boy takes girl to home in taxi, girl shakes boy's hand on door step and proceeds to get the necessary details for a CRB check - perhaps a peck on the cheek and a goodnight. :mellow:

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How on earth would it work and why are they saying it? Guess I'll have to google an 'Obs post' again to find out more. Do google pay you commission Obs :P


Would there be a similar law for boyfriends to check on their girlfriends to make it non sexist though :wink:

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Presume it would apply to both sexes; but it supposed to fish out wife beaters and peados BEFORE they get their feet under the table. In the case of those saddos, who use dating sites/agencies, it could possibly work, if the agencies screen applicants; but can't see it working with a Friday night fling in Town! :shock:

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