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Very old rudish joke

harry hayes

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Very old, as you will see.

Fat chap sees an advert in paper for slimming courses, 10shillings and a pound. He goes to the address and hands over his ten bob. Shown into a room and told to take his clothes off. A naked blonde enters the room and the proprietor tells him there is a field at the back. He must give the blonde five minutes start and when he catches her.....

He thoroughly enjoys himself and finds he has lost five lbs.


Next day he goes back for the pound slimming course. Same proprietor; same room; takes his clothes off and (as this is a modern re-telling) a large naked black men comes into the room and he is extremely well endowed.


Our customer pales and mutters "what's this" to which the proprietor says "pretty much the same thing but this time you get five minutes start."


Happy days

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