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Technology for Footy - clear and decisive?

Technology for Footy?  

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  1. 1. Technology for Footy?

    • Yes - but just for the Goal Line decisions
    • Yes - for Goal line and offside decisions
    • No - it would ruin the game
    • No - it would take away the controversy
    • Don't care either way
    • All decisions to be verified by technology

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Well if Harry the Red said it wasn't a goal and neither was the 2nd onside then it must be so :roll: .


Clearly there is a need for more technology in our sport after all as H said 'If we can land a man on the moon' or at least we used to be able to back in the 60's!


But would it not kill off the tried and tested heated debate - we wouldn't hear from Fergy after each match on the BBC - well we would if he would turn the other cheek and looked at the camera and spoke :wink:


What do you think have goal line technology :?: - players wearing micro chips so that we can work out were they are in relation to the ball - change the white lines on the footy pitch so that they have the Wimbeldon technology and beep when players cross them. Maybe they could wear something in their shorts :shock: so that they get a shock if they are off side or commit a foul.


Why not have a video ref for key decisions like the rugby league :) or an X-factor decision making process by the crowd pushing buttons whilst doing the Mexican wave :( ?


Ok probably gone a bit too far and it would turn the game into Soccer.

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The game is that much faster these days, the man in the middle needs some help. His linesmen don't help much.Instead of the extra official being between the managers, he could be in a studio watching on TV. and then they could use the Rugby system. It takes seconds.

Also there is a lot more at stake these days.

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Geoff, you need another bit in the poll..... "All Decisions to be verified by technology"


Too late infortunately unless it can be added by an administrator, I can no longer make any changes to the poll.


Admin to the rescue - and you could have edited the poll yourself using the edit button :roll::wink:

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