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Geoff Settle

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Am I correct is saying that all of that car park is going to be built on anyway with the new Modus development plans?

That will make parking a bit tighter with the loss of the largest car park.

Maybe a multi storey is the answer.

Commuters get on at Birchwood because they cannot park at Warrington, so network rail don?t have all trains stopping there. Seems like a good imitative all round

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I've just posted this on the Warrington Raol User Group that James set up - an update.





Things haven't improved much at Birchwood station.


The Station Master has posted a note pleeding with motorists to park

sensibly - after a spate of accidents - gosh now there is a surprise,

it was only a matter of time.


Does anyone know if there were any injuries or was it just vehicle



I'm posting Drive Safely posters around Cinnamon Brow and shoving

leaflets through doors on the topic especially the new Cycle path

that comes to a pregnant pause in Crabb Lane - like Pete Kay sings -

going nowhere.


I'd love to cycle to the station but last week I ran into a yellow

bus that hogged the boxed Crabb Lane Keep Clear road sign. Mind you

when you get to the station the bike rack is full of cars.


Is it just me or has the world gone mad?



( just amending your spelling Geoff :wink: )


[ 10.12.2007, 14:54: Message edited by: TLC ]

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