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Too risky for the emergency services?


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The reports about the actions (or lack of) from the emergency services following the mass shooting up in Cumbria last year was all a bit worrying.


If there was some kind of shooting going on where the gunman was still at the scene, I can imagine how it could be a difficult call for the ambulance service. But when there were so many people dead and injured over such a huge area, surely it can?t be right to prevent them going out. I believe much the same was reported during the London tube bombings.


Relying on the general public attend to the injured while the emergency services are told to stay indoors just isn?t right and the rules governing these situations desperately needs changing.


Bill :)

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A very difficult call in modern times- and with all the health and safety advice.

In the old days, such dangerous situations didn't arise, but duty over-rode danger when it was called for. I never heard of anyone accused of cowardice in all my time.

However, I cannot believe the modern PC is any less brave than his old counter-part- it's just that he has his head filled with instruction which perhaps he would be foolish to ignore or disobey - and if things went wrong.............


Happy days

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With the amount of protocols, plus H&S these days, operational inertia is rife - if you break the rules and fail, the press will be the first to slag you off, if it comes off, you get a medal. Normally, in these type of incidents, the Police are responsible for making and declaring an enviroment "safe" for the other services to attend. :roll:

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