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R I P Jeanne


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Ode to a friend I could not appreciate,

Or deter from that intoxicating state,


Your life as a free spirit with so much to give

Has ended abruptly and now I must live


With the doubt that I failed you

Each day I did not speak


A thing that others learn to grow,

I could not find in me


I say goodbye to an acquaintance

I wish I had accepted



For Jeanne Fisher


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Lovely but very sad words at the same time Mary.


However hard it may seem you can't dwell on the 'what ifs' or things you think maybe you 'could have done' in life as more often than not these things would not have made any difference anyway.


Like you yourself have said in a way some things in life, no matter now upsetting, are sadly often inevitable and there is nothing that anyone can do to change them or to make things any better.


I'm sure your friend has gone on to a better place where hopfully she will now be happy and free from whatever troubled her.


Bless you Mary as you are obviously a very caring and loving person x x

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