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Teaching History?


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I do not know about your schools but I found over the years that teaching is subject to the changing tides of Administrators and politicians. I would have loved to have taught the truth (all of History) but was limited to what the administration wanted me to teach. Since they pay you, you do as you are told. As in any job, you do the job your told to do.

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History has to be taught as it's read from records, because we DO NOT know the full truth ........ it was recorded and written in a biased way obviously, through the eyes of either the victors or losers so their word has to be taken ........ besides which history teaching should begin with local stuff then 'fan out' to more widespread detail, there are some things because of stupid political correctness that are taboo to mention, so you have to lie and distort what may have been the reality :evil::evil:

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OfstEd have criticised the quality of history teaching in our primary schools - is it important that we all have an understanding of "our" (British) past, in order to best understand where we've been, thus being best able to plan where we wish to go? :?


ofsted is an efficient body, its done a fantastic job of totally demoralising the majority of those in the teaching profession and is the reason so many leave it :roll: ....... :evil::evil:

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