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A&E redesign.


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I read a story last week about assaults of hospital staff and it turned out to be the funniest read I've had in ages. I think the report was intended to be serious but some of the things listed as staff injuries made me wonder if the reporter was having a laugh.


Anyway make your own mind up from this extract.

Other staff assaults resulted in a variety of injuries, including sprains, chest pain, cuts to the arm, a swollen wrist and back strain.

In a list detailing 506 complaints, other incidents of note included one person burned their eye after spilling soup and another person got ?frostbite like? marks after being in an ?extremely? cold kitchen.

One staff member was infected in the eye after urine from a catheter splashed them and someone got chest pain after chasing a man who stole a charity box. Another person was unfortunate enough to cut their eye on stiff toilet paper as they they blew their nose.



Bill :)

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:shock::shock::oops: Errrm..... well.... ok I just laughed until my sides hurt. Shall I go to A&E :shock::lol::lol:


Which hospitals were those in then any idea?


Surely the ones about the soup and toilet roll MUST be jokes with some daft reporter who thought they were being serious. Gosh if anyone had really done that I'm sure that out of embarrasment they wouldn't have reported it in the accident book.


Thanks for that Bill it really made me giggle. :wink:

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Say no more then :? Although isn't lifting news stories from other sources rather naughtly if you don't put a link :shock: It's ok now though as you have said where it's from :wink:


We've cancelled ours as the content and reporting and errors are rather naff these days and its full of nothing but adverts but maybe we should have hung on a while longer if there's giggles like that in it :wink:


Just made my son some soup when he came in and the minute I opened the tin I started laughing again :lol: I'm dreading going to the bathroom and seeing the toilet roll :oops:

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