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The details of the match are as follows:


Kick-off: 10:30am

Where: Southlands High School

How long: 35 minute halfs ? 10 minute break

Rolling subs


Changing facilities: Yes (No showers)


If anyone can make it then feel free to put a team together, I personally think its a little too early but go for it guys!!


I didn't see this post last time I checked. :oops:


Do you mean the actual kick off time? We make it that time so I can be at the club by just after 12 (To open the club shop). We possibly could make it 11?

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It is a great idea and have passed it on to a few of the lads who seem keen to play, just my thoughts are we play the game, covered in mud got 3 hours to spare before Town kick off, nothing to do in that time and plus a few of the lads will want to be straight back to watch the Wolves play with no time to get changed/showered etc


As I said by all means go for it if you can get enough players, as Barmy Army says how old are your team members?


I would be willing to play not problems with that just spending all day from an early start in Chorley doesnt appeal to me, if it was say 1pm kick off then straight into the Chorley v Town game then yeah great, just the waiting around doesnt appeal to me

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Not into footy myself but having seen the comments and JueChorleys posts on here I can't understand why the Warr Town supporters don't just throw together a team as it's only a friendly and a bit of fun.


Surely the Barmy Army lads and some of the others are up for it as they sound like they like a bit of fun and are good sports. Maybe Gary and some of the more seasoned supporters could play too to show some club spirit.


If the Warr Town can't even get a supporters team together to have a bit of fun they either take it all too seriously or are whimps :?:wink:


You've got 6 days to practice in your sleep and with all the footy you all watch you should be experts.


Come on Barmy... you can sort it surely :wink:


Win or lose it will be a laugh :lol:

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Dizzy - its not the fact of getting a team together as thats easy its more to the point of getting to chorley at 10am if not earlier and staying there all day until 6pm!!! would you do it? play a game of footy get covered in mud, bored waiting around for 3 or 4 hours before Chorley v Town first team game, then come home (plus its Warrington wolves v Leeds at 6pm) not just the fact of playing a game of football.


If the match was 1pm then straight to the main action then yes great, but for me and the response of spending all day in chorley I received on Saturday was not the best response I can repost on here haha


Great idea and appreciate the request to play but I dont think its advised on this occasion.


If others want to go ahead and organise it go for it, just the response I had was not a positive one

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Sorry FTB I had forgotten about the fact that it was to be an early kick off and there are no showers for you so you would be muddy all day and waiting around for a few hours with nothing to do before the actual Town vs Chorley match. :oops:


Would I do it though... YES if if understood the rules of footy although I can kick a football straight(ish) but I can't run very fast :lol: Getting muddy sounds a laugh though :oops:


As for the Wolves match you would be getting home at the same time anyway and who would care if you are grubby when you watch them :wink:


None of my business really so sorry to have intruded and appologies again but I still think you would have had fun especially if you made Gary play :wink:

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