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Anybody experienced terrible service from the clubshop recently :?::?:


Got an away top for Christmas and after the Widnes game noticed the Bensons logo had a few stitchings coming off so I returned it to the shop on Tuesday 4th January.


I was told the top couldn't be replaced due to me having it printed but they said they'd have the top sent away to be stitched and returned to me in a week and they'd ring me when it was ready. I thought fair enough and left it in what I thought was capable hands.


I received no phone-call but visited the shop the follow Tuesday to enquire about my top only to be told it wasn't in yet, I visited again on the 18th and the 25th and after 4 weeks there was still no top.


I decided to ring trading standards about the situation who told me that after a month I can either demand a refund or a replacement and they gave me a case number, with the number in hand I rang the clubshop to inform them of this matter, we had a conversation and half an hour afterwards I got a call to say my top was ready, a full 4 weeks and 2 days later.


The service from our shop has to be one of the worst around, nobody cares about the customers and everyone is ready to pass the book... It's a shocking service.

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