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Cameron gets it!


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Well Dave has finally got it - multiculturalism has failed. Question is, will he be doing anything positive to rectify the problem and take on the wet liberal apologists and the Human Rights Brigade, and pursue integration and assimilation, rather than segregation and parallel development? :?

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Liebour encourange all this, simply because immigrants tend to vote left wing (i.e labour). Unfortunatley "multicultralism" has manifested into itsself where the minorities appear to have preferential treatment, (i.e x% of government workforce being a ethnic minority, as advocated by Harriet Harm-men), which in turn gives rise to extreme right groups such as the British National Party.


The government needs to take a step back, and realise that no group needs special treatment. We are all from the same species at the end of the day, the days of discrimination simply based on colour, etc are over, we dont need newspeak to enforce this.

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Labour's liberal luvvies are working on the template that ALL public and indeed private institutions reflect directly the social demographic, irrespective of ability, aptitude, interest or desire. They then condoned, through the term multi-culturalism the segregation of OUR society into seperate ethnic "communities". This was further exacerbated by Bliar's brain wave of creating "faith" schools, to further embed this seperate identity in the minds of the young; as if N/Ireland hadn't taught us any lessons. It's a dog's breakfast we're now locked into (as ink rightly says) as a vassal of the EU, subject to the European Court of HR. :evil:

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From the 2001 census


Ethnic group Population % of total*

White British 50,366,497 85.67%

White (other) 3,096,169 5.27%

Indian 1,053,411 1.8%

Pakistani 977,285 1.6%

White Irish 691,232 1.2%

Mixed race 677,117 1.2%

Black Caribbean 565,876 1.0%

Black African 485,277 0.8%

Bangladeshi 283,063 0.5%

Other Asian (non-Chinese) 247,644 0.4%

Chinese 247,403 0.4%

Other 230,615 0.4%

Black (others) 97,585 0.2%

* Percentage of total UK population

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Errm, I don't like the figures, but not for the reason you think, ideally there would be next to no different percentages - but alas the horse has bolted. But given these percentages, the liberal luvvies wish to apply them to every institution, irrespective (as I've said) od the the inclinations, abilities or aspirations of the various groups. :roll:

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