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Phone hacking


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Does anyone share my view that too much fuss is being made about phone hacking by newspapers?

OK, its against the law, but journalists have frequently broken the law when they have believed what they were doing was in the public interest. Some have gone to jail for it and in other cases the courts have ruled that what they did was justifiable.

Who is making the most fuss? Politicians, of course. Because they are opposed anything that puts what they are doing under the spotlight. And if anyone is daft enough to leave compromising 0or confidential messages on mobile phone messaging services (or landlines for that matter) then they deserve what they get.

I know some of the phone hacking has not involved politcians but showbusiness people and other celebrities, but that is OUR fault because WE (the general public, that is) go out in our millions and buy the newspapers that publish that sort of tittle-tattle. We get the press we deserve.

So by and large, seeing as the technology exists to hack into phones, wouldn't the Press be failing in its public duty if it did not do it? Lets face it, they are not going to be hacking into the phones of the ordinary person in the street.

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