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It's not so much a 'how do I' but more of a 'what could I' question.


I took this yesterday of some dead Ivy hanging over a wall as I walked past a house.. a very quick and subtle point and shoot shot so that the owner didn't think I was a weirdo :lol::oops:


Anyway for some reason I like it but feel it's lacking a certain something.. maybe a bit of light... I don't know but it needs 'something' doing with it. I had a bit of a play with it in photoshop but it looked naff.


WHAT WOULD YOU DO OR SUGGEST? (Please don't say bin it :lol::lol:)


free to copy it and change if you want to ......this is the original picture with no changes



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Helloooo... I'm back :lol:


Good ideas and thanks for trying them out :D


I'm going to sound critical and really ungrateful now but here's what my 'eyes' think of them. Not being rude or anything as obviosuly I am just an awkward bugger :lol:




Not too keen on the first one as to me it is a bit too brown. :oops:


I like the colours of the ivy in your second one and love the water but I'm not keen on the green vignette but then that's probably more to do with me not liking the colour green.


I absolutely love the water in your third one and the reflections etc. How did you add that and can I do similar in photoshop ? I really like the ivy too although I might like a bit more of it.. I'm not sure maybe it would be too much eh?




I like the colour on the leaf in your first one but I'm not too keen on the rest of it (again only my view) as everything else seems to have been lost. :oops:


Your second one is really nice and maybe you could put the coloured leaf from the first one onto your second one for me to see and then Algy could use the same one add his water too. :wink:


I don't ask for much do I :D


I can't show you what I've done with it as the couple I tried were absolutely awful so how on earth I can be slightly critical of yours is rather embarrasing :oops::lol:


I'll have a play tomorrow again although I could just pinch yours off here :lol:

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Which version of ACDSee ? 12 or Pro or another ?


I googled and found out that it can be done in photoshop but heck it is really long winded and the tutorial is 5 pages long just to add a couple of ripples.


I thought you would just duplicate the photo, flip it under the other one and press a few filter buttons.


It was so long winded that nearing the end of my half hour attempt to add a bit of water and just as I was adding my final displacement file (that I had to create and save first) it gave up and couldn't do it as apparently my PC no longer had enough available RAM :shock:


I only had photoshop and its files plus the internet open to read the tutorial. Will try again later as I'm sure there must be an easier way to do it in PS :?

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