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What numbers do you see


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Can someone please tell me what numbers they see below?




I see "e3fggg" which is what I typed into the security code box for a reply to one of the news stories.....apparently I must have been wrong because it failed to take it! The security software must be crap because it often takes 3 or 4 attempts before it lets me post.


It took another 3 goes after the above before it would accept it.


Gary has told me many times I mustn't be typing it correctly, but I know I am.... :lol:

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I see the number '3' Baz...... the rest are letters :P


I has been taking me two to three attempts to get them right most of the time too. Thought it was just me being 'over eager' or lacking in 'vision' but maybe we are both as daft as each other as I doubt it would be anything to do with the website or any security fault :wink::wink:8):lol:

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