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Jordan Rice 'A Brave Soul' RIP

Sue Durnim

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Australian floods



Jordan Rice gave his life to save his brother.


Is this not one of the saddest, bravest, sacrificial and heroic of deeds, a brother can give to save a life of a brother.


Jordan Rice died in Toowoomba after telling rescuers to save his younger brother instead of him.


This news story brought tears to my eyes, to think that someone so young only had thoughts and the best of interest for his younger brother. :(

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It was on the radio today and I couldn't listen :cry: Can't even type this without getting teary eyed again.


What a very very brave little boy, it is so very sad and my heart goes out to him, his brother and the rest of his family and also to everyone else who has been affected by the terrible floods :cry::cry:

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Had to add this- It really does put life into perspective when we see the terrible tradgedies happening around our planet and here we are all wrapped up in our selfish little demands, we come on here winging and moaning about our generally insignificant problems when people ou t there are genuinely suffering, makes me feel very selfish and ashamed. :oops::cry:

Not in the mood for any more forum winging tonight.

Good night all.

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Sadness seems to be all around us at the moment, may'be it's my age, we went to a funeral of an old friend at Preston to-day, I think I could do with cheering up, as someone used to say on the radio, can't remember his name at the moment " It's being so cheerfull as keeps me going" Tommy Handley's ITMA rings a bell. :cry:

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