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The Birmigham 6....

may not have been hung - you cannot say that for certain, however if they had that may have been a tragedy.


Forensics are so advanced these days that the chances of that happening are extremely remote, but even if it did happen it would hardly be a regular occurance.


I mean you could even take it to be only those where the evidence is absolute...... Yorkshire Ripper, James Bulgers Killers, The foreign kid who killed that headmaster only to be let out 14 years later, not deported and who has now been arrested again for robbery.... the list is endless Kije. These people do not deserve the right to breathe the same air that they denied their victims

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It isn't just about revenge Kije..... imagine the lives you would save if you didn't let convicted killers out to do it again?


Apparently there have been 30 murders committed in the last 10 years by people who were set free after serving a "life" sentence for their first murder..... that is 30 innocent lives as opposed to the lives of scum. I really don't see the problem

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