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Seems the press has done a sting op on Vince Cable; getting him to be honest in an unguarded moment. Now, they're saying that Vinny can't deal with the Sky merger, as he's shown himself not to be impartial. Well, hang on a minute, what politician has ever acted impartially, even when making a quasi-judicial decision? :?

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Surely everyone has an opinion and therefore is biased. Unless you think are politicians should be like a flock of sheep who sit around endlessly for hours on end reaching numpty conclusions. At least with Cable, people know his honest opinion and know that they have to counter his argument. To me it is the right decision because too much power aka Murdoch corrupts.


Shame really. I don't particularly like Cable, but he seemed to be the only Lib-Dem with a brain cell.

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Wern't the Tories sucking up to Murdoch prior to the election, Wavy Davy taking over where Tory Tony left off? SO, how are you going to get an unbiased decision out of a Tory on this? And how does the creation of a monopoly sit with the usual Tory mantra on competitition? Perhaps Murdoch should go all the way and become PM, like Berlesconi in Italy; it would save on pulling strings! :wink:

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