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Designer Labels?


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Watched a news item tonight, where Liverpool Trading Standards had confiscated alleged fraudulent goods, being sold "on line" from a residential property. Presumably, these goods were considerably cheaper, than the real thing? In which case, it would allow some folk to buy the goods cheaper, but still allow little Jonny to flash his designer label kit to his peer group, rather than feel excluded? OK, so the goods may be shoddy, but if cheap enough, they serve a purpose. And how much do folk have to pay anyway, for the privilage of having a "designer label" on an item - a T-shirt is just a T-shirt after all? :?

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Designer labels and the obsession with them really bugs me. You can pay ?200+ for a pair of designer jeans with rips in :?:shock: Like my dad says Jeans are only ?5 in TJ Hughes and he throws his away when the get ripped :lol::lol:


Like you say a tshirt is a tshirt... some designer ones are rather fancy but most are just like all the others but with a 'name' on. :roll:


Not into desiner ripoffs myself but can understand why people go for the fakes as they look identical but are a fraction of the price like you say.


Who wants to spend ?100's when you can get the same for a tenner... especially for growing kids :wink:

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Not a fan of designer labels, usually over priced anyway, nor am I a fashion victim, prefer quality and style and affordable prices.


Going off tangent a little, what annoys me about cloth labels in general, is that they are stitched in the most awkward of places on the garment that causes irritation to the skin, so I cut them out, especially metallic embroided labels.

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