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It would appear that these coppers have "business interests" outside of the force which is probably in readiness for retirement and seeing as some have a longer retirement than they do actually at work, they have to find something to do afterwards!


I personally know of a copper in Northern Ireland who had a million pound a year gardening business and employed 10 people whilst a full time Police Officer.


Apparently it didn't conflict with his work and was allowed to carry on

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It strikes me that there is more corruption in the ranks of the "Establishment" than ever. A lot of this is due to following the example set by the like of bliar and such. The biggest difference between now and ten years ago is that a lot of the corruption can now be seen. By corruption I include the senior civil servants who abuse their position of trust and try and damage the ruling party by leaking memos, the police who feather their own nest with all sorts of rackets including giving lectures on speeding in exchange for no ticket and the seemingly increasing method of getting things from "friends and those in high places". Just look at the number of councillors and other ilk who "serve" on more than one public body is this not corruption as they are only there to feather their own nest?

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