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Thumbs up for Parking Wardens


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I know the Parking Wardens across the town have come in for some stick since they were introduced a few years ago but today I had a most pleasing and surprising phone call from a lady at the council who had rung to tell me that I had left my car lights on, on Old Road Car Park.

It had to have been one of the wardens who spotted the lights and made the effort to save me from a flat battery! A nice touch which I am sure isnt part of the job description but for which I am most grateful.

Thank you to Helen from WBC and to the warden. :D

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That was really nice of them. Fancy going to all that trouble, I'm impressed.


But how on earth did they know it was your car and even more so how did they know where and how to contact you. Gosh 'big brother' must know more about us all than mew think :shock::lol:

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Yes true - it was actually 3 of my colleagues - but then one of us here is working so hard that they just dont have time to instantly dash out and turn of their lights ...... do I?

Besides, it wouldnt be the first wind up in this office - having fun watching me skate over to my care and prob falling on my backside . . . . lady from the council however had to be genuine!

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Ooooh so by deduction do you must all work together :lol:


Shame on you Paul for wasting the council's valuable time and resources :lol::wink:


PS Gary... how hard was that 'pat on the back' you gave them, was it enough to cause injury as you followed it with a :evil:



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