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More bureaucratic madness


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How awful :cry:


Surely if he has never been classed as a 'danger' by any of his other carers or health professionals who have been in contact with him that should count for something.


Being Autistic he will have been very scared, frightened, worried and upset by the fact his dad was poorly... he wouldn't fully understand what was happeneing and the stress and change would have agitated him.


Locking him up and taking him away from the love and security of what he has always known in his life IS CERTAINLY NOT THE ANSWER !!!


Shame on the authorities and box tickers :evil::evil:

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Some of this seems to be down to the people who should have been 'caring' for the young man but clearly couldn't cope!


I experienced seeing young people with learning disabilities being dragged around by their 'carers' and the person with me at the time, who had been a manager in a care home, was horrified and did sometimes say things to these 'carers' about their treatment of their charges. It would seem that we don't have the right quality of people becoming carers, some just doing it because it pays money, not because they are interested in it. Obviously, there are many good ones who do care, but not enough.

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This is the age old problem that a lot of people in this country are unaware of what happens when officialdom is allowed to interfere with daily life. It seems that most of the "officials" lose any common sense or compassion when they take on a job that they believe thay can do, but in reality they cannot. Unfortunately most of these jobs and "officials" are in areas of life that do not affect the general public. Autism , Old age , Care of house bound people, Care of people with dementia etc. Ther appears to be a set of guidelines probably developed by jobworthies who have trawelled the depths of EU directives and know the rules about health and safety backwards, but have no compassion, common sense or sense of responsibility. The only way it appears top deal with this is publicity, to embarrass the authorities responsible. It also appears that no-one gets sacked in cases like this. Reminds of the tales of Bedlam and other such places that were supposed to have been destroyed.

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