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Well it seems, our new representatives in Parliament have cost us ?3.1million in expenses since May - so no change. It appears one MP has had "the runs" since May, having spent ?85 on toilet paper, and another claimed ?1 for a pair of rubber gloves - or maybe it was the same MP, not wishing to wash his/her hands of the stench of corruption! :roll:

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Precisely Diz, what's toilet paper got to do with doing their job, unless it's used to wipe their mouths after a speech? It's the petty avarice involved in some of these claims that speaks volumes about their motivation for politics. Clearly they havn't learnt a thing and are incapable of cleaning up their own house. :twisted:

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Legislation to prevent the practice of disguised remuneration, which uses trusts to provide non-repayable tax free loans and offshore pension schemes to avoid tax, was included in the Finance Bill.


With one minor clause.


section 554E (8) "specifically exempts members of the House of Commons and the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority from the new legislation in situations where they are actually caught by it"



Making laws THEY don't have to abide by. Four legs good, two legs better eh? :roll::roll:

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