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A small gift of music, that is rarely played?

Sue Durnim

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Hello fellow posters, I would like to share these gifts of music with you, would like to know your thinks, you may be surprised?






At the moment, I am also enjoying the VINTAGE TV programme on Freeview, good to see and hear music of the past, which still knocks the present music into a cocked hat! :wink:

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Well I listened to them :lol::oops:


Sorry not really my sort of music but then I have just been listening to my new Bon Jovi cd and now I'm listening to James Blunt.


My other half really likes Harry Chapin though and one of his favourites is 'Cats in the Cradle'.


He also likes Bob Dylan, Neil Sedaka and some bloke who's name I can't remember who sounded like he was constipated and needed medical help :lol:

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well not my cup of tea but worth listening to.especially the first one. wonder if he did that song live. must have had a really blue face by the time he had finished that first bit. was expecting to hear a really deep intake of breath after it as he does not seem to take one from start to finish. :oops:

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