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New Season Predictions


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Personally I think we will struggle to make the top 2 and will have it all on the make the top 4.


Saints and Wigan are going to dominate proceedings again and will win everything there is to win.


I am concerned about our ageing squad, especially as our younger players dont appear to be up to SL standard at the moment.


A few injuries to key older players and we will be screwed.

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Similar squad to last season - more experienced youngsters and the goal kicking of Brett Hodgson should help us win the tight games we lost last year so should be at least top four and Wembley again - I'd be happy with that compared to where we were three years ago!

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Pie in the sky that fellas.


Wigan have greatly improved their squad and we havent. I suspect Wigan will win both competitions next year closely followed by Saints.


Wire wont win anything and wont be getting to Wembley either. Bookmark this and take a look in November 2011.

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Warrington will bid a fond farewell to Chris Hicks and Matt King and both will be a hard act to follow! John Clarke will retire after a successful testimonial season.

Morley will be short listed for man of steel but fall at the final hurdle - again!

Bret Hodgson will top the goal kicking charts.

Chris Riley will be the top try scorer.

Warrington will finish in top four, get knocked out of Challenge Cup by St Helens and sign three top players for the following season, including a big name Aussie!

Book mark this now

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