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Standing or sitting.


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Whenever I go to a football match the spectators are told to sit down because of health and safety issues.


At last weeks City v United match the allocation of tickets for United supporters was reduced from 3000 to 2500 because United supporters refuse to sit down.


At the MEN arena you are actively encouraged to stand up even though in my opinion it is more dangerous because of the position of the chairs in front.


What's the difference? :?:?

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I recently went to the Echo arena and I couldn't see one person sitting down.


I watched City and United on tv and when it was mentioned about United supporters standing, the camera then went to the opposite side of the ground and behold so were the City fans. :roll:


Liverpool supporters are as bad as other fans regarding standing at matches which is a bit farcical considering that the introduction of all seater stadium came as a result of the disaster at Hillsborough. :roll:


No idea why they don't have a standing area for those fans who prefer to stand.

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