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It's cold.. chance of snow..wildlife ?


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Getting blummin cold now eh.


So what do you recon about the chances of some snow again this year?


Started at the end of November last year so not long to wait... maybe ???


Council has got twice the amount of grit this year though so we should be ok :?:lol:


Was rather suprised last night to see a fox wandering past our house at 12.11am precisely :shock: (and no Peter, before you say anything, it wasn't my eyes playing tricks as my son saw it too :lol::P)


He/she looked really fed up and rather thin. Maybe it knows we are heading for a rough time and was hoping to stock up on offerings from all the wheelie bins were out :cry::?:lol:

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A good chance of snow again I would say.

I've seen more urban foxes about the streets a lot where you and I live, than what I do in the countryside.


And talking of wildlife, the mice will be looking to get into our homes again now the weather has turned cold. I found that by soaking a few biscuits in a saucer of unleaded makes them drunk, then they are easy to catch. But make sure your own pets can't get at it.


My own dog found the saucer once. She was tearing around the yard like a mad thing. Then she just dropped motionless to the floor, I thought she was dead. ............. Turns out she'd only run out of petrol. :wink:

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