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Be ye ever so high, the law is above you.


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The Government has acted unlawfully in abolishing Regional Spatial Strategies without going through Parliament. It took Labour a long time to get a reputation as arrogant, but they didn't just rip up longstanding policies without consultation and without bothering whether their actions were legal.


And they still don't get it - Communities Minister Bob Neill says: "This judgement changes very little. Later this month we will be introducing the Localism Bill to Parliament, which will sweep away the controversial regional strategies. Top-down targets don't build homes - they've led to the lowest peacetime house-building rates since 1924." All a bit odd, as the case they've lost was brought by a major house builder whose application to build houses was turned down by the local council because they disagreed with the RSS (whereas the RSS said they should be built).

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Didn't know they had abolished them :oops:


I wonder how much money it actualy cost to come up with all the Regional Spatial Strategies which have now been scrapped then... and how much it will cost to do come up with replacement strategies under the new Localism Bill.


Seems to me that many more things will be scrapped or completely changed by the Condem's just because Labour had a hand in them.


.... and next Government party will scrap those.. and the next will scrap theirs and so on and so forth


Probably a good thing though as long as they are not simply replaced with equally daft ideas just for the sake of it :wink:

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Errrm... whoopie dooo :roll:


Free buss passes ? Yes for those who are eligable whilst everyone else has to pay OTT fares... no wonder more people don't use busses and why some LA's are making custs due to losses and funding problems :roll: Charge everyone a fair low price and make it viable and usable.


Same goes for free prescriptions vs those who have to pay to subsidise it. Charge everyone ?1 and be done with it.


As for greenbelt protection... well that's slowly going out of the window everywhere and while you think those of us who are South have more protetion for our green spaces maybe you should read up on English Partnerships plans etc :P:wink:

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Getting back to the subject of the thread, this arrogant bunch has apparently told planning officers and the Inspectorate to take no notice.




Quartermain?s letter translates as, ?We acted unlawfully in creating a policy vacuum, but just ignore the judgement of the court?!

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And no more "consultation" - it's "engagement" now....


John Howell, who is permanent secretary to decentralisation minister, Greg Clark, and chairs a government group called the Planning Sounding Board has said that the existing concept of consultation will become extinct under government plans. He says: ?As far as I am concerned, consultation is dead. Taking a plan, and saying 'take it or leave it' is over. Instead, engagement is what it?s about. Local people will be encouraged to bring forward their ideas?.

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I reckon the buses will be empty for a few more years then.

Not exactly a vote to get cars off the roads.


Not from today... free busses from Morrisons 'park and ride' into town and back leaving every few minutes :D:D


Make the most of it while you can :wink:

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