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Socialiser or Sofaliser ?


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well having looked at my life for a few seconds i will have to say i am more of a sofaliser than a socialiser.


i only tend to get out and socialise once a week when playing dominoes in winter or bowls in summer. the rest of the time i tend to be on my PC having been banished from the main rooms due to soap suds :wink:

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:lol::lol: Some interesting replies there :wink::lol:


I guesss the fact that we are all 'chatting' on here means most of us must be the sofa type... although I am sitting upright on a hard computer chair so does that still count :wink::lol:


Kids seem to socialise at all times of the day with their gadgets but away from actual person to person 'real' contact. Phones, games consoles, msn, blah blah blah....... you name it they chat via it.


.......is this why many of them seem to have no actual facial expression when they do have to talk :lol::wink:

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:P A bit of both Obs :wink:


Next time you are on here having a 'chat' monitor your own facial expressions and body language and see if it the same as it would be if you were having the same conversation face to face with the person :wink:


Infact can you record it and upload for us :lol: as I bet you are the exception and you wave your arms about, fold them agressively, lean back in your chair and grimmace with a huge frown on your forehead when you are here :lol::lol::lol::P:wink:

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