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Are you paying too much Council Tax?


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It is not the council who is taking ariel photos it is a mapping company, I have not seen their plane for quite some time so I think they have finished here for a few years. It is registered number is G-Grid. The council just buy the photographs and compare with the last and find who has made alterations without consent. They then put your council tax down.

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YES I think I am paying too much council tax and I see very little in return for the ?100+ I fork out each month in council tax payments.


Can I have a refund please !


Also... Extortionate Business Rates? (council tax for businesses)

Now they really annoy me... what are they for and is there any benefit to businesses in return for paying it? Answer is NO ! Businesses don't even get their bins emptied free by WBC so what exactly DO they pay their money for?


5% increase on last years business rate too?... NO ours has actually seen a 19% increase on last year.. no wonder so many small businesses struggle to stay in business !!!!


Rant over :redmad:

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