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Strange folk.


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Came across this: BEATLES 1965-1966 CONCERTS SHEA STADIUM BRICK-An actual brick that was at Shea stadium when the Beatles performed in 1965, 1966 and in 2008 when Billy Joel and Paul McCartney performed at the last concert. This is a 5" section (about 3/4 of one brick) that was removed following the demolition of the stadium in 2008. It comes with a COA card issued by the MeiGray Group and the New York Mets . It also has a tamper proof, numbered, hologram affixed to it . Great display item for a Beatles or Mets fan. $75.00


People will do anything for money :roll::roll:

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'Do You Want To Know a Secret', it happened 'Yesterday' it could have been that 'Segreant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' but they couldn't 'Carry That Weight', I told them 'Don't Bother Me' and 'Get Back' to where you all belong, you know you can't 'Mess With This Boy', they all sailed away in a 'Yellow Submarine' it was then that I 'Saw Her Standing There' that 'Dizzy Miss Lizzy' on the corner of 'Penny Lane' It was then that I said 'I Want To Hold Your Hand then she asked me for a 'Ticket To Ride' I replied I'm only a 'Paper Back Writer' working Eight Days a Week' looks like I'm going to be doing this 'When I'm Sixty Four.


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