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Warrington Ale Houses 1759 - 1895


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If anyone is interested I have uploaded a list of Alehouses and other hostelries in the Warrington area from 1759 -1895 some years are very sparse others are very comprehensive, the list is a Word Document, anyone wishing to add to the list either through that period, later or earlier please do so but I really would appreciate it if they would let me know and give me the opportunity to update my list, Cheers!.


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Algy... there may be no 'takers' because the link get's blocked by internet explorer 'pop up' security as it is a readable file that has to be physically downloaded to be read. Same happened with your PDF file on ship building last night.


As you had put them there I felt confident so simply clicked to 'allow popup and download this time only' :wink: .


Photo's open no problem though with no need to 'download' :D


Anyway back to the Ale House List...


In the early 1800's it shows a Mr and Mrs 'X' having a pub on Bridge Street with the same surname as me. I wonder if they were relatives of mine, guess I'll never know :lol::D

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Dizzy if you wish to find those reatives you would be wise to on to a site called Rootschat. com it is a forum dedicated to helping everyone who registers to trace their ancesters it is free to register with nil costs incurred at any stage after, the members are absolutely great I had members doing research on my family who lived in Canada and Australia and I managed to get back as far back as 1689 they will most certainly be able to research the census of 1841 for you, if you require any further info PM me.

And obs & baz before you ask no I didn't find any branch of my family tree with monkeys sitting on them.

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