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Home-made Chips

Sue Durnim

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I thought I would share my recipe for chips. (This might be obvious to a few?)


1. I use king Edwards or Moris Piper potatoes.


2. I then cut them into approx 60mm x 10mm chunks.


3. Boil in water for 7mins.


4. Place in a bowl for approx one hour or slightly dry/moist (or dry off with paper or kitchen towel)


5. Put into hot veg? oil or preferably lard.


6. Cook until golden colour.


7. Dry off excess oil.


8. Add salt and vinegar or anything else you prefer.


9. Then eat and enjoy.


If any body else has a way of cooking chips, I would like

to read and try your recipe.


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Beer battered oven chips from Asda are quite nice :oops:


Yours sounds yummy and more like real chips without all the additives so will definately give them a go ... do you cook them in the oven or a deep fat fryer?


Where do you buy your spuds though as the shops round here only sell MARIS piper ones :lol::wink:

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Hello Dizzy.


I suppose any pototoes will do, I buy mine from ASDA/TESCO or better still from the Market or Farmers Markets. I have gone off ready made chips, everytime I buy a bag there are always bad/black chips inside and throw them away, such a waste of money.


I fry my chips in a good ol' fashioned chip pan, although you are right about the additives, I suppose the lard will not help your health too much but every now again surely will not do any harm?


At least you know what you are eating? :wink:

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Lt K will probably make them for you :lol::wink:


Must admit chips always tasted nicer years ago wrapped in newspaper with lashings of salt and vinegar. They seem to go soggy these days in the man made polystyrene cartons and plain wrappings.


Wonder if that's down to the modern day wrapping or the 'heathier' fat they are cooked in. Spam fritters seem a lot greasier too :cry:


I'm hungry now :lol::lol:

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Guest Guest

Nice chips but I don't like to eat after boiling.If we don't want to boil then it can't fry easily or without taste chips....!

I want to eat chips with hot sauce and garlic cream sauce.

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