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Interesting Facts about Rugby League


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According to another local publication, research conducted by Warrington Wolves Head of Strength and Conditioning Chris Baron, the impact of the tackles that will be made at Wembley will be equivalent to a car crashing at 50 miles per hour!


?We have undertaken a full research programme to ascertain the impact of the collision in the sport and utilising that data it has enabled us to form the basis of our strength and conditioning programme,? explained Baron.


?The data has brought up some amazing results. We found that some tackles were measuring in at 14 G-force, which is equivalent to being hit by a car at 50 miles per hour. If the players can't handle this then they will get injured. Our primary focus is to get the players conditioned to take contact rather than running around the field. The objective is making sure the players are more physical and powerful than their opponent.?


Rugby League - toughest sport in the world - any doubters????

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Rugby League - toughest sport in the world - any doubters????

NFL by a distance.


Your kidding, they all wear protective helmets, full body armour and anything else they can get there hands on.

The average career of an NFL running back is 4 years due to the beating they take.


Concussions are frequent despite helmets, mainly to the QB; when you have a 30 stone guy bearing down on you, and you know you're going to be hit the second you release the pass, but still take the hit to make the play, that's a tough sport.

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