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Load of rubbish


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Does anyone know the purpose of the blokes down at the Gateworth tip?


I was down there this week with the wife dropping off an assortment of junk along with several other people. Even though I was struggling with some of my stuff, I ended up having to help some of the less able get things into the skips while six fully capable ?adults? leant against a skip laughing and joking. Surly these people are being paid to do a bit more than occasionally shout ?Oy not in that one mate!?


On the brighter side, at least I didn?t get the Spanish inquisition about my postcode like last time! :lol:


Rant over


Bill :)

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The blokes at Gateworth were very rude when I went with my dad to drop an old fridge and large freezer off... I wont tell you what I called the surly one on the gate :oops::lol: and yes they watched us both struggle :roll: Never been back there since. :cry:


You should go to Stockton Heath tip instead Bill.


All the chaps there are really friendly and helpfull ALL the time and they do help you if you are struggling :wink::D


Why didn't you go to Woolston tip though as that's nearer to you :?

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There must have been something going on at Woolston because I queued for ages without moving a single car length and as my next stop was Liverpool I thought Gateworth would be quicker.

I think that because of our recycling bins, less people use these places but those that do tend to spend an eternity sorting their junk into the various skips and hence the queus.



Bill :)

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Grumpiness much be catching Bill.... went to woolston top over the weekend and there was no queue at all....... at first :oops:


BUT we had to stop and ask for the barrier to be opened cos our car was too high to fit under it.


1st bloke who was sat right next to the gate in his hut wouldn't do it cos he was eating his dinner (at 11.30 am ??) and told me to ask someone else.


When I eventually found 'someone else' he said.. can no-one else do it !?!??! Anyway after I explained that 1st bloke couldn't (wouldn't) he finally did it and by then there was a huge queue behind us :oops:


So there you go Bill... the reason for queues at woolston is not because it's over busy at weekends it's because of people like me in big cars and numpties like them who don't like having to work a little harder and swing open a simple barrier. :roll::lol:


Never happens at Stockton Heath tip as one little beep and they run straight over and open it with a smile :D

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