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The only one


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If they were a Warrington band, what makes you think there is another copy in Warrington?

Never heard of them myself!


I have got a 12 inch, 78rpm single-sided HMV record by Caruso which I bet no-one else has got. I would have to get it out of the loft, but anyone thinks they might have one I will go up and find the title.

I am told it could be worth a lot of money.

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I used to have a record called "the Cure" by the band under the pseudonym "Boys don't cry" which was not "boys don't cry by the cure" I have searched for reference to it on the internet but every link ultimately ends up with song "boys don't cry" the more well known song.

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I have a signed copy of a 45 rpm record on the 'Fanfare' record label.


Think that's where Simon Cowell started out so I will class it as falling into your category of being a commercial record Adam :wink::lol:


Anyway back to my record.


Produced in 1980

Side A is called 'New Town' and is sung by Barbara Law

Side B is called 'We Remember Warrington' and features various vocalists aswell as the townsfolk of Warringon and Warrington Youth Band :D


Bet no-one else has a copy of it :lol::D

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