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Crime Figures

Lt Kije

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Before you go off on one Kyje; I think we need to be cautious about any "stats" issued by any Government, as these figures I believe, only refer to "reported" crime; and public exasperation with Police response times has led to a decrease in "reported" crime. IF. the figures ARE correct, it could mean that with a doubling of the prison population under Labour - that "prison" has actually worked - at least while the criminals were locked up! Also, there may be a correlation with an increase in Police numbers and resources - something we're now about to lose under ConDem austerity. SO, if we add together a 25% reduction in Police budgets AND the Minister for Justice's call for less folk to be sent to prison; PLUS the disproportionate impact of austerity measures on the chav population - perhaps we can look forward to soaring crime figures over the next 5 years - which will probably be more representative of public perception anyway! :wink:

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If the police comment by Helen Jones on the news page is true, it must be the stupidest action by a Government for decades.

The PCSO's in South Warrington do an excellent job of old fashioned policing.

They have reduced crime by learning who the problem people are by talking to residents and have also engaged with the youth and schools and encouraged projects that give them a focus.

If we lose them we just go back to drive-by policing and the criminals take over the streets again. A sad day for the country. :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

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