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Salford Reaction.

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What did we all think ??


I'm going to be honest and say we were terrible, the best of two bad teams... High penalty count, high handling errors and just some out and out shocking play.


3 knock-on's in the first 10 minutes set the tone for me but the best was yet to come as we handed Salford 5 sets on our own 20 due to some terrible position play from Riley (40-20), terrible tackling technique from Briers (High) and 3 knock-on's.


It's a good job Salford were just as bad as another team would have taken us to the cleaners, some shocking performances from Riley, Bridge and Grix but also one or two stand-outs like Solomona, Morley and Vinnie Anderson.


On a whole i suppose our defence was good but we put ourselves under far to much unnecessary pressure which on another day could have been costly.... We are also in desperate need of a goal-kicker as were keeping other teams in the game time and time again due to our terrible kicking record.


Salford were terrible and done nothing special but our inept display kept them in the game right up until 75 minutes, 2 points is indeed 2 points but there needs to be some major improvement for Hull KR next week as we'll have two forwards missing from tonight's team, after that performance i don't feel confidant at this moment in time.


Solomona was Man of The Match for me.

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Agree with most of your points.....especially about our goal kicking.

But a wins a win and these are the games which in the past we would have lost .And I was very impressed with Mathers performance(again)

I just hope we have a big improvement next Friday because with our depleted side we will need it

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Salford have always been tricky for us at their place so pleased with the win - can't understand why Chris Hicks isn't being given the goal kicking duties, unless it is because he is unlikely to be here next season and trying to establish Bridge as number one? :?

Well actually we will have Brett Hodgson won't we!

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