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United Utilities Road works - near MFI - GREAT


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Only just occurred to me after others said the same BUT...


Since United Utilities have closed half of Wilson Patten Street (it is now one way towards the station) and the diversions the other way take you down all the previously unacessible one way side streets and back towards the dreaded Bridge Foot area I have not got stuck in any traffic going either way


Hurrah for roadworks for once :D:D


Can WBC please take note and can it be left like that please as it has certainly cut my journey time down loads and stoped a lot of the congestion that always used to really really annoy me.


Blummin marvelous :D

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Not quite clear cut. Eastbound HGVs being sent via Midland Way and Cockhedge, some drivers avoiding the area altogether. It's not been an issue but extra eastbound traffic along Sankey Street might delay buses turning out of Legh Street. There's no obvious reason why the one-way route through town should offer a better flow than past Bank Quay.


Plan eventually is to change lights at Sankey St / Crosfield St junction so it will be left-turn only from Parker Street into Liverpool Road (perhaps allowing more time for traffic turning Liverpool Road to Parker Street). To get to Crosfield Street, it will have to be via Winmarleigh Street and Sankey Street and turn right. I'm not sure there's much to be gained, as the main delays there are to buses and other traffic coming out of town along Sankey Street in the evening peak.

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