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The Wall


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Those of you with long memories will recall that I have had many disagreements with other posters on the subject of rock/pop music and, in particular, Pink Floyd, who many seem to regard as being something different to other rock groups, while I see them as being little different to, say, The Spice Girls, except that the Spice Girls were better looking.

Well on Radio Four the other morning I chanced upon an interview with the guy from Pink Floyd who apparently wrote "The Wall" - I always thought it was called "Brick in the Wall", but no matter.

After I had got over the shock of a usually erudite radio station deeming to include anything about rock music in its programming, I learned from this guy that he wrote "The Wall" out of a sense of frustration with the moronic audiences he had to play to. He wondered, therefore, whether it would be a success.

In fact, it proved to be one of Pink Floyd's most popular titles and, because of this, he is to embark to a tour to mark its 30th anniversary, or some other landmark.

Well this guy (I can't remember his name I am afraid) is obviously much braver than he is musically gifted. If I were a fan I would take a dim view of being described thus and would be unlikely to go to one of his concerts.

But doubtless he knows his market better than I do!

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Haven't got a point really... just thought it was interestingat the time as I'm not a PF fan.


It said the album apparently covers complex issues of isolation, alienation and war which sort of intrugued me a little as I never really understood or bothered to listen to it even though we've got the LP. (well my other half has 8) )


.... but like most people I do know the 'Hey Teacher.. Leave us kids alone' brick in the wall song.


Thought it was just about us rebelious kids when we were at school :lol:


Didn't even know there was a film that went with it.. just found that on youtube. The 'teacher' song I know starts at approx the the 22 minute and it's rather disturbing... scarey faces and the meat mincer and the bit where the man turns back into a boy (1 hour in) and goes to the trenches is sad :cry: shock:


No idea if I have been watching the right film but not to worry as I now think understand the music a little better.




Thanks Adam for 'enlightening' me :D:wink:

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