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Our Invitation to JOIN the Government ?


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The Tories trying to do "localism" is a bit like a ballet dancer trying to play rugby: this idea that folk (assuming they had the time or interest) will start up their own schools, pubs and post offices is merely a clique's charter, plucked desperately out of the thin air of gimmicks and destined to produce an even bigger dog's breaksfast of social segregation and anarchy than the new Labour gimmicks. The irony is; with a general weariness with new Labour, all the Tories needed to do was reproduce the electoral campaign of Michael Howard - in order to win this one. :roll:

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It's the perfect solution from a councils point of view.


If the services provided by the volunteers are excellent then the council gets to take the credit for organising it, if it all goes horribly wrong then you'll see a massive display of hand wringing, shoulder sloping and holding at arms length.

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It's the social equivelent of "every man for himself", let's take education as an example, fractured and stratified as it already is; parent not satisfied with little Jonny's progress at school (irrespective of how thick or disruptive little Jonny may be!); gathers a clique around her to start a new school; then when that clique fall out or get fed up of the time and energy required to deal with all the red tape; other cliques form to start another new school, and so on; until eventually, they'll all be teaching their own kids at home! :roll: Far from "back to basics", this is back to the 19th century! :wink:

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