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Prawns/shrimps and some fish also like to wallow in the sewage too LP but still taste yummy :wink:


As for 'crispy seeweed'..... often wonded how they get away with calling it that though as you'd think someone would have complained to trading standards by now for being 'mislead' :lol::roll:


Lots of recipies say to make it from 'bok choi' (a chinese cabage) although apparently in China they do use real seeweed.


So health wise I guess a portion of seeweed with a Chinese from down the road every night wont work then :lol: DAMN !!!!


Guess theres always the kelp suppliments from Holland and Barrett.. :wink:

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Some years ago in Japan, the Master of the ship I was on was presented with some boxes that looked like posh chocolate selection boxes. they turned out to be posh seaweed selection boxes!! Different types of crystallised seaweed. Very nice, or so I was told :D:D

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I'm not a fan of seaweed, but the Japanese send us cans of 'nori' which is green and looks like 3 X 5 sheets of paper. It gives flavor to the cooked rice in a sort of sandwich. My gourmand of a son will eat ANYTHING except hot dogs (from seeing some school film on sausages) and he can eat a whole can of nori without any garnish at all, as if it was potato chips. A one time I believed oriental people get dark black hair from the (?) iodine in seaweed. Turned out they resist gray coloring with external dyes.

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