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Global warming ads banned!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Apparently today there is no evidence of loss of the gulf stream as predicted by GW enthusiasts.






1. No Gulf Stream slow down

2. Government told by watchdogs to stick to facts

3. Polar icecaps melting on mars as well as earth

4. Leaks revealing concerns of deeply flawed data which supported GW a few months back

5. All the top scientists in the global systems prior to GWscare made scapegoats/dismissed/ridiculed from their jobs at leading universities in favour of the lesser eminent ones who supported the government(s) taxation/fix GW stance.


and they laughed at us "GW Denialists"...infact they labelled us denialists (because it made us look stupid when clearly there was climate change), when instead of denying it was happening we denied that we were primarily to blame.


Just another way to panic us into paying more taxes, how does giving the government more money solve this issue?...it doesn't.


The only reason we should be careful is to preserve our limited resources until alternative fuel sources are widespread.

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Isn't there a rather large distinction between proving that the government(s) have been fibbing again and proving that global warming does not exist/we are not responsible? Seems to me that governmental exaggeration and lies are actually irrelevant in determining the existence, extent and cause of the phenomena we're seeing. :?

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I'm saying that either the globe is warming or it isn't and either we are responsible or we're not - and no amount of lying and souting from either side of the debate changes whatever the truth is.


So governments should not be lying or exaggerating and government opponents should not be seizing upon such lies as empirical proof of the opposite.


There should be investigation without pressure from either side and reasonable cooperation with reasonable measures until we have sorted out what the truth is.


That's what I'm saying. Unfortunately, all the people with influence in the matter seem to be saying is "liar" to each other, very loudly and many times over. Can't see any progress there. :(

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Actually I would think the global warming advocates wouldn't want to create advertising. Wouldn't they be wasting trees to come up with ideas, burning fossil fuels to power their computers and offices where the ads are created, and creating pollution from the cars and trucks that ship the newspapers and magazines and deliver the billboards that their advertising appears on? If I was a company that was trying to prevent global warming, I wouldn't do anything as doing anything would only contribute to the global warming.

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