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fantasy league update


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Eagle is top of the league - surprised he has not been flapping his wings about that one!

Guess who is second in the league - a remarkable come back after languishing near the foot of the table at the start of the season.

Shame you didn't put any money in the pot Eagle as I will get the winnings if I come second - currently standing at ?160.00 :o:D:wink:

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Gary, the two United contibutors are Ferdinand & Vidic who make regular contributions to my score as does Gerrard (Arbeloa does not). My surge up the league is entirely due to my strikers who have suddenly but probably temporarily started finding the net.


Man U fan yes, deluded no. I am totally confident that United will share the top two positions with Arsenal, Arsenal being slight favourites at the moment. Liverpool will be out of the top four and in search of a new manager by the end of February and to rub it in further it will be Everton who occupy the fourth spot.

To complete the predictions, Chelsea will retain third, Villa will be fifth and Liverpool sixth.

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Following tonights results I think I am being too generous Liverpool will now finish seventh behind City in sixth.


Benitez will be replaced by Allardyce who will work on the 'hit the big guy up front' principle and following advice from the owners will swap Gerrard and Torres for a Quarterback and a Big Mac.


[ 03.01.2008, 00:08: Message edited by: Eagle ]

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Tilly no idea what you are on about but if its about the two wise men thinking Man City will finish 6th or 7th im with you,is it because both their teams play in Red and they cant see the colour Blue?although we may not catch Utd we are certainly going to bite the Poo on the bum and finish 4th. :biggrinbounce:

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