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Thank you for the kind messages and wishes.


The hospital said i've torn the cartilage in my knee (God it hurt) - it's the cartilage that should heal itself not the one that needs an op. They did say i may need an op if it doesn't heal right.


Its funny because it feels ok - just a dull, constant pain (am on strong anti inflam tablest - that might be helping).


Am on crutches til at least Friday when i have a physio appoinment where they will tell me more about it (they will decide whether i need an MRI scan to see the damage). Don't think it was dislocated or broken. Early estimation i think minimum 6 weeks (but will now more Friday)


Devastated because i'd just scored as well - but still we got the win and hopefully the boys can push on now (unfortunately without me)


Many Thanks



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Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery Tomo - we need you back for the end of season play offs push - it is within touching distance now.

Thanks for the update and if you want to come to any games let me know as plenty of leg room in my vehicle! :wink:

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